Telemetry operations accelerating the advent of next generation machines

Unbelievably efficient and breathtakingly scalable, Azimuth is the tool of choice for high-performance teams building next-generation machines.

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Powerful tools for complex engineering

For engineers whose mission succeeds or explodes.
Who tests in the hot, the cold, and the rain.
Telemetry thats fast, intuitive and collaborative.

Built by engineers
for engineers

Forged in the world’s best engineering orgs, we’ve seen what success looks like and will set you up for the same. We’ve led crewed missions to the international space station, built constellation scale tools, and developed data pipelines for the world’s most advanced networks.

We’re assembling the industry’s best team of telemetry experts to offer a highly scalable solution that reduces your mission’s risk while saving your company money with the most efficient storage architecture commercially available.

Azimuth is committed to solving the toughest problems and delivering solutions that work today while being ready for the challenges of tomorrow. We’re driven to accelerate the advent of next generation machines and want to help you build the future worth looking forward to.